Thursday, 13 March 2014

nggambar digital

iki gambar gambarku sing tak gawe karo Wacom Intuos ku sing tak tuku gek seminggu iki. Gambar ilustrasi Cina sing terkenal, soko novel klasik ‘Journey to The West’. Tokoh terkenal e yoiku Sun Go Kong ( rupo munyuk) karo Tie Pat Key (rupo babi). Mergo intuos iki iso nggo nggambar nggo tangan koyo nggambar karo kuas / pen ning kertas, koyo, mergo iki mung device digital, gambar langsung di simpen ning komputer dadi koyone soyo praktis/ gampang. Tapi sakmestine barang anyar kudu kangelan sik nggo njajal e … mesti struggling supoyo kulino.

Wacom Intuos karo Adobe Illustrator.
Pendeta Babi, Tie Pat Kay.

Pendeta Babi, Tie Pat Kay.

Sun Go Kong / Sun Wukong.
Autodesk Sketchbook 

Wacom Intuos  ... uk. cilik

nongkrong ning 'brush rest'

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Candi Gdung Songo

Candi Gdung Songo - A site of historical Hindu temples, they are nine temples (gdung songo) that are scattered on the  slope of Mt. Ungaran. They are erected in the 8th century. Nice scenery, to view the temples or to view volcanos far away.

At Temple No. 3

temple No. 2

temple No. 2.
The mist came and covered all the view just after I finished this sketch.

temple No.3.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sketching on the Move

Didn't seat behind the driving wheel, and had Pak Gito to take me back from a duty out town, I manage this opportunity to sketch him, as I 've done to him before. He was wearing a Batik shirt and ... driving me back safely :)

Sketching in 'Lawang Sewu'

Lawang Sewu is an old Dutch building, used to be an office of NIS ( Nederlandsch-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij ). I was sketching there on Sunday 5th/1/14 and a local journalist took my picture and it was on the paper the next day. I didn't read the hardcopy of the newspaper and only read it from the  on line e-paper.

I have no problem to sketch in public :)

It was in 'Tribun Jateng'

One corner of ex. NIS office.

Wild Plants - 2014 sketch

My very first sketch in this new year.
Still try see the beauty side of the wild plants, something mundane but tempts my passion on sketching.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Last year Sketch - Wild Plant

When sketching out door, I am sometimes attracted by the beauty of the wild plants. They grow on the old building, on the fence and of course on the ground.

Sketches From The Last Year-2013 MUSEUM RANGGA WARSITA

Museum Rangga Warsita ... museum e kotho Semarang.

Patung Ganeca 
The Statue of Ganeca

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