Monday, 27 September 2010

The Arena

Mr. Rudi Hartanto IN ACTION

An old building in the area

Long haired boy with his fighting cock

Cock fighting arena

A man is observing his fighting cock inside a bamboo cage.

Many buildings in the area of Old Semarang, also known as Little Nedherland, are left unused and ignored. It is not an exception to Jl. Kepodang (Kepodang street or Hoogendorp Straat in colonial time).

At this area, wild plants are growing on the old buildings and slowly deteriorating the structure, the cement come off the wall and expose the brick. The condition is becoming worst with the hot sun in dry season and monsoon rain in wet season and water intrusion.

However, everyday this area is always busy during the day, many people come to for their certain purpose : fighting their cocks.

Last Sunday (Sept 26th 2010) 'Semarang Urban Sketchers' went there to meet up and sketching.

Click HERE to see the photos.

Friday, 24 September 2010


Immanuel Church - Jakarta

The construction began on the birthday of King Willem I on August 24, 1835 and lasted four years until August 24, 1839. The church was then named Willemskerk. During the Japanese occupation the church was a repository of the ashes of Japanese soldiers killed in the war. In 1948 the church was renamed Immanuel Church and today this black domed church offers sermons in Indonesian, English and Japanese.
Metropolitan Mall - MM- Bekasi

One of the shopping center in Bekasi, a satelite town of Jakarta.

Mobile Device

mBah Harso

Ittea Kusuma

Two Sketches of my friends, done on my mobile phone.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Karin is my brother's daughter, she is 6 yrs old.

Pasar Ktupat

Iki sketsa ku sing tak gawe ing pasar Peterongan Semarang lan pertigaan menuju Pucang Gading - Penggaron Semarang timur, sedino sak durunge 'Bodho' utowo dino terakhir sasi poso Rhamadan.
Yen Dino Bhodo pancen ktupat dadi masakan khas sing wajib dihidangno ono ing mejo makan e wong Indonesia sing ngrayakno idul fitri.

Bakul Ktupat karo pembeline lagi nyang nyangan. Lokasi : pertigaan Penggaron menuju ke Pucang Gading.

Bakul Ktupat ugo ngrangkep tukang nggawe. Lokasi : Pasar Peterongan Semarang.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Pasar Pterongan

Pasar Pterongan Semarang tanggal 9 September 2010 pas dino terakhir sasi poso utowo sedino sadurunge Bodo ( Idul fitri). Wayah kuwi pasar sesak banget amergo okeh wong sing blonjo nggo kebutuhan bodo. Bakul kupat kosongan (wadah kupat) sing di gae tko janur jan okeh banget lan ngebak ngebaki trotoar lan pinggir dalan. Bakul kembang iki salah sijine bakul sing dodolan ing pasar Pterongan.