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How did I get my fav Kokuyo wet?
I went to sketch to a Balinese temple last saturday August 7th 2010, it is the only Balinese temple in town, Pure Girinata.
Located on the top of a small hill where we can see a beautiful view over the city. in the middle of sketching the rain was falling and I forgot to put my Kokuyo into my waterproof plastic bag. Everything else were ok, my camera and other sketch books but my Kokuyo Campus. I have some favorite works in it beside I love this sketch book for its unique texture and feel. A pair of tie attached to it for 'locking' is also lovely.

The rain felt down at Pure Girinata Semarang - Wet Kukoyu Sketchbook

Why Lorry ?
You see that lorry seem like my favorite subject, this perhaps is correct but I my self do not think so. I don't have any special emotional feeling with this subject. This is just because I see many lorries in my surrounding, especially on my working place. I work in a wooden furniture company and we stuff  containers  every week. In the front of my office there's a warehouse of Yamaha motorcycle who doing the trucking a lot. There are also many furniture factories and also warehouses of the big retailers located at this place.
Here are the images of some lorries I captured near my working place and also a photo of me pose near the 40feet Maersk Container.

I exhibited my Sketchbooks
From 16th to 22nd August 2010
Venue : Plaza Simpang Lima Lt. 5b Semarang.

InStyle Indonesia,
a fashion magazine has a plain book as a bonus in this September edition. the plain book is in 'eye cathing' red cover and the pages inside have the logo of InStyle.
See my sketches using this book - CLICK HERE


XL Canson A5

My sketchbook side by side on location with my camera bag.