Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Lorry 4

Mercedes Benz 911 and an old Dutch colonial building at Bandarharjo, Semarang. Canson A4 Sketchbook - Artline Drawing Pen 0.5

A lorry and an old Dutch colonial building at Bandarharjo, Semarang.
Canson A4 Sketchbook - Artline Drawing Pen 0.5

Old Post Card showing the beauty of the building.

Old Building

Formerly was an office of Joint Javanese Timber Trade Company
(Javasche Houthandle maatschappij in Bandarharjo Semarang)

Kokuyo Sketchbook
Koi Water color (Pocket Field Sketch Box)

Monday, 27 December 2010

Street Trumpet Vendors

Canson A6, Sketchbook

Artline 0.2, Drawingpen.

Memory, Chinese Brushpen

Chinese Windsor Newton, Watercolor.

Looking forward to 2011 New Year's Eve Party, seasonal street business, group of paper trumpet vendors are lining up at the streets close to Simpang5, a public open space, where, beside in the restos and hotels, most of the Semarangese people will celebrate it.

Here are my sketches of the street trumpet vendors at A. Yani Street, just hundreds metres from the 'epicentrum', the Simpang5.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

My Small Water Color Set.

Small pastilles metal box and plastic caps.

Double tape is used to attach the caps onto the internal bottom of the metal box.

Then choose the color we want.

The small box of six colors watercolor and A6 sketchbook ... perfect combination.

Try it out on my last year sketch.

This is the small set of six colors, that will be very easy to bring it on the go. I make it from a small metal tin of pastilles can, sized at 65 x 43 mm.
First the small metal box attracted me at near the cashier in the supermarket. I bought it another day then, and thinking of how I can put a watercolors there. One day at home I found that there's a small plastic cap (Dia. 18 mm) in the bottle of my Chinese ink which I was sure that it can be used to hold the water color. I work it out , the small metal box of the pastilles can accommodate six plastic caps, this means that I can have six colors in this small set. I have already had two bottles of Chines Ink so I need to buy four more.
I use double tape to glue the plastic caps onto the internal bottom of the metal box. The pan looks great … I really love this.
I then choose six colors of tubed watercolor and squeeze them into the place. It looks great and perfect to combined it with a small sketchbook.
Lazy site sketching … it's time to fill your small sketchbook now, go out and enjoy ……..

Iki wadah 'cat banyu' (watercolor) ku sing paling imut lan paling enak digowo lungo. Aku nggawe dewe soko wadah Pagoda Pastilles, ukuran e 65 x 43 mm.
Asal e aku kesengsem karo wadah pastilles iki ing supermarket, iku di pajang cedak karo kasir e. Aku mbayangke yen wadah cilik iku iso diisi karo watercolor … mestik leep tenan, tapi aku isih durung ngerti piye supoyo iso yo. Sawijining dino ing omah aku nyadari yen tutup plastik sing ono ing tinta bak botolan mbok menowo iso dienggo. Sa wis e tak cobo cobo aku yakin tenan yen iso … dadi kotak Pastilles kuwi iso di isi enem tutup plastik. Tutup plastik kuwi njur tak templek no nggo double tape marang dasaran e kotak pastilles kuwi. Wah … jan kethok keren banget. Sa wis e kuwi njur tak isi karo watercolor sing tak jupuk ke tko sing tube.
Yen di enggo karo buku gambar cilik jan pas banget. Enteng e nggambar di njobo yen ngene ki … ayo kono gek ndang di gambari bukune ...

Here I add some images of this small water colour set when used on location ...
PA080844  PA080850

P4084810  P5192801

and ... see the video here

Monday, 13 December 2010

Gerbang DP Mall

Gerbang DP Mall Semarang, sing endi Carrefour ono ing njerone.
Lokasine ono ing Jl. Pemuda.
Gerbang iki sajane wis ora orisinil, iki bangunan anyar sing ngganteni bangunan lawas soko jaman Londo sing bentuk e yo koyo iki.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Lorry 3

Mercedes Bench 911, an old truck that still on the road making money.

Nissan Diesel with 3 big logs.

Those lorries are sketched in Penggaron, Semarang.
I can still see a lot of MB 911, so called as Mercy bagong by local people because of its nose, on the road transporting the goods.
While the lorry with the logs is also a lot I can find on the road, they are from the port and take the logs to the warehouse located in many places in the outside of the city.