Saturday, 26 December 2009

Tow Truck

A tow truck I sketch in the front of Isuzu sales dealer in Semarang.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Old Semarang 2

Sketching today November 29th 2009.
Location : Old Semarang

Using A5 book and Pelikan fountain pen. The original ink is not a waterproof one so I refill with a Rotring Drawing Ink that is waterproof.

Using A5 book and Faber Castell Ecco Pigment 0.3

Old Semarang 1

A building from the colonial time.
Canson A5 sketchbook, Faber Castell Ecco Pigment 0.3

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Monday, 23 November 2009

Tugu Muda Semarang

Tugu Muda ... this monument was completed in 1953. This is for remembering the five days war from 14th to 19th October 1945 between the Indonesian youth and the Japanese troops.
Faber Castel Ecco Pigment 0.3 on Canson sq

Tugu Muda, the monumet.

Tugu Muda, the garden.

A bike, leans on a tree in the garden of Tugu Muda.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Car Fix Semarang

Iki bengkel otomotif ing Jl. Siliwangi Semarang.
Papan jeneng e duweni design sing atraktif kanggo ku ... yen leewat kono aku mesti ndelengi lan ngidam idam ke yen sawijining dino mengko aku kudu nggambar ndok kono lan e... klakon dini iki. Aku nggambar e nganggo buku gambar Kokuyo lan akeli e nganggo Faber Castell Classic Pencil color.

Rosalia Indah Semarang

Kantor agen bus Rosalia Indah ing Tugu Semarang.
Lokasine ono ing jalan raya tugu sing rame banget maklum dalan iki termasuk e dalanan jalur pantura. Aku malah kudu nganggo masker pas nggambar iki amergo okeh truck, bis, pit motor lan mobil sing pathing sliwer lewat.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

in action

a friend took my picture when i was in action.
Bandungan 25 Oct 2009

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Sweet Manggo on the Streets of Semarang

Sweet Manggo on the Streets of Semarang

Not only fruit, you can find many kind of food offered on the side walk of the street in Semarang. As the fruit is seasonal the street fruit stall's sale is always changing troughout the year. In October all of the them sell only manggo.
The street stall is usualy made from bamboo construction with blue or orange tent as a shade. Parasol is also used. Some are based on a small pick up car and can move over.

Beside the street fruit stall in the street you can buy the same fruit in a convenience and modern places such as at Matahari supermarket, Ciputra Mall, Java Mall, Carefour, Giant, Makro and many other shopping malls or special fruit shops.

Location : Semarang - Jl. Majapahit

Carving Man - 2

mBah Harto . . . carving man, his main duty is to make tyhe inscription on the bench


Mitsubishi Fuso ... nang ngarep gudang lan kantor ku ... iki nggone gudang Yamaha nang ngarepan ... truck iki bak e dowo banget lan duweni dek dobel ... total iso nggowo 80 pit motor

truk ko Jeporo pas kirim barang ning gudang e nggon ku.

Hino Super Ranger ... kelir e iji nom. Iki yo nggandeng bak dowo double decks kapasitas 80 pit motor

Mitsubishi Fuso, iki yo nggone gudang Yamaha.

Monday, 19 October 2009


H . . . h . . . h . . . Uriel gek asyik karo PowerBook e . . .
di gambar karo Canson A6 kelir e karo Sakura Koi

Saturday, 17 October 2009


Trans Semarang.
The commuter system in Semarang . . . using a Hotel Memo Book. I am totally able to appreciate it's size in this situation., however we have to deal with shaking bus.

Using Staedtler Triplus Roller on a Hotel memo book.

Old Women

Two old Javanese Women. I just began to draw the third woman ... but I had no more time as I needed to leave . . . Wearing a kerudung, a moslem cloth for woman to cover the head & torso and a 'jarik' a batik fabric to cover the belly to the leg.

Using Faber Castell Ecco Pigment 0.7

wewe gombel

I hear people talk about Wewe Gombel . . . then I try to sketch it. Wewe gombel is ghost of a woman in Javanese folklore. I myself never believe with such a thing.


a CRV in the front of the office
Hotel Memo with Faber Castell Ecco Pigment.

Carving Man

Yummy ...

A friend enjoying a chicken noodle, served hot . . . in a bowl.

At the Office

Using a Faber Castell Ecco Pigment and also Staedtler Triplus Roller I made some sketches on a Hotel Memo book 10x10cm. The logo of the hotel is printed soft in the mid of the page and on the bottom there is a hotel address and other contact info. It was nice to work on it . . . something that I didn't think before.

10x10cm Hotel Memo

10x10cm Hotel Memo or 20x10cm double page unfolded.
This memo is from Gumaya Hotel Semarang (
Have some sketches from this small book today . . .