1995 - Adobe illustrator 6
Mike Doohan, Australian who got 5 times title of World Champion in MotoGP from  1994 to 1998.

1995 - Aldus FreeHand with bitmap outline.
The outline is a scanned of a hand drawing and the colouring is using vector  shapes
that then pasted into. I didn't (and do not) operate well Aldus Freehand as I've got used to use Illustrator.
Wyne Reiney, a former 3 times world Champion Tiltle in MotoGP.

1995 - Adobe illustrator 6

1995 - Adobe illustrator 6
Eddie Lawson (born March 11, 1958 (age 52) in Upland, California is a former four-time Grand Prix motorcycle racing World Champion. His penchant for consistently finishing in the points earned him the nickname "Steady Eddie"
1995 - Adobe illustrator 6
1996 - Adobe Photoshop 5
Some my works I did long time ago. In the Mid 90's I used a Mac Performa 580 CD.
Adobe illustrator 8, a selfpicture. I did with my MacMini.
I use it for my FaceBook profile pic.
1998 - Adobe Illustrator 6
Mac Performa 580CD
Adobe Photoshop CS3 on MacBook.
This is a personal work I use for my FaceBook profile image.
I like Ninja Turtle, and that is me as Raphael. Oops ... look at the weapon :-))