Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Street Bazaar - Pasar Gg. Baru

Morning Chat.
Two women meet and have a long chat to let me sketch them up in an enough time.

The dragons, people and parasols.

A busy street market in the morning.

The seller and the buyer.

A fellow in the middle of sketching the street market and it's people.

The women with best banana you can get in town.
Look at their bamboo hats and basket.

Gang Baru Street Bazaar with a Chinese temple in the background.

Gg. Baru (means New Alley) is a small street at China town in Semarang central Java. Every day this small street is filled with street seller. They start the activity at five in the morning and sell from vegetable to meat, cloth, food, fruits and many other things.
This traditional street market is absolutely an interesting place to sketch. Like last week, this time we also have Mr. Aryo Sunaryo , a lecturer in Art Department of Universitas Negeri Semarang.

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